5 corking reasons to start your career with Majestic


  • You’ll get some of the best management training and development this side of Mars.
  • The chance to be a ‘Business Partner’, running and sharing in the profits of your own Majestic Store.
  • A competitive salary, attractive bonus package, Long Term Incentive Plan and Free Shares.
  • Opportunities to travel and work around the UK, and at our Calais store.
  • Fun stuff like trips around the world, vineyard visits, wine tastings and discounts on all our juicy wines…


Tell me more….

We make Majestic a great place to work because we know a happy, motivated team makes for happy customers. So we build in lots of fun and incentives. You also get to work with an amazing product every day. Who doesn’t love a bottle of wine?

In fact, at Majestic you’ll become a bit of a wine guru. You’ll pass wine exams and build your knowledge through some amazing tastings, meeting winemakers and growers, learning their stories.

In a few months you’ll be able to tell what a wine is and where it comes from just by looking at, smelling and tasting it. Not a bad party trick!

There are also educational opportunities to jet off to Europe, California, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina to experience the magic of vineyards first hand.

Anyone else teaching this stuff on an MBA might charge you a bomb. At Majestic, we pay you a salary instead.

Is it mostly standing around drinking champers with my pinkie stuck out?


Ha ha, you wish. Anyone who’s worked in retail will tell you, it’s hard graft. Talent and commercial acumen will only get you so far. To succeed you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

That means stock takes, shifting boxes and making deliveries to customers. Working unsociable hours in busy periods. Keeping the shelves spick and span and the service 5 star. And when the going gets tough, going the extra mile without even thinking about it.

It’s a huge challenge, keeping a business running like a Rolls Royce all year round. But we give you all the operational, commercial and leadership skills you need to succeed.

You’ll learn how a store works from top to bottom. How to smash your sales targets and grow year-on-year. How to recruit, lead, and inspire a super-committed team of people.

If all that sounds daunting, don’t worry, you’ll be supported every step of the way by a well-structured, intense training programme, in-store, online, and at our training centre in Watford.

We think our on-the-job management training is the best retail academy in the world.

What makes Majestic so different to other retailers?


We sell wine, but we get our biggest buzz turning today’s entrepreneurs into the business leaders of tomorrow.

We do it by giving responsibility to talented people, setting you free to run your store like your own business, then watching you rise to the challenge and thrive.

Our programme will take you from Trainee Manager through Assistant Manager to full Store Manager in under four years. If you really smash it, in two. The hungrier you are for success, the quicker it happens.

How fast and how far you go is up to you. If you start knocking the numbers out the park, expect rapid promotion.

Best of all, you learn it all on the job, surrounded by lots of supportive people and tools. We think it’s the best training scheme you can have.

Much of the programme is delivered by our Directors, (even our CEO, who was once head-hunted by Richard Branson) so you’ll be learning from the horse’s mouth what it takes to build and run a great business.


If you’re joining us as a Sales Assistant or Driver, your Store Manager will get you up to speed with the inner workings of
Majestic in no time at all, ensuring you’re equipped to deliver our exceptional customer service and run a smooth operation.

And finally, if you’re joining us in the Support Centre, we’ll ensure the right learning is in place for you to develop the skills you need to succeed and grow in your role.

Winning together as a team

It might sound like a boast but it isn’t. It’s a genuine reflection of the way we work together as part of one big Majestic team. Everyone here has a part to play and we never forget that. It’s this ethos that’s made Majestic a force to be reckoned with.

We’re a really sociable bunch – as you could imagine with a group of people who enjoy the odd glass of great wine. As well as events within your store, and an annual all team get together, each summer regional staff get together to enjoy an evening of good food and great wine – whether it be punting on the River Cam, cruises on the Thames, inflatable obstacle course races or a BBQ master class!